Iphone 4 . This changes everything again.

Iphone 4 . This changes everything again.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

How To Get Free Iphone 4 !!

Hello Friends ,

Most of you would wonder that how do people get new expensive stuff (specially electronics e.g. iphone , ipad , macbook , x-box , ps3 and many more )as soon as they are launched . There are some people who have the money to buy these stuff but there are people who cannot afford these things but still they have it so the question arises that how do these people get all these cool stuff ?

Well the answer to this question is that they get it for Free ! Oh yes I know you guys would be wondering how the hell is it possible to get free iphone 4 , but my friends today ill reveal this secret for all of you .

Basically there are websites on the internet that give away free stuff known as freebies .There area lot of freebie websites on the internet but amongst these there are some that are a complete scam . But don't worry guys ill tell you only about the ones that are authentic and legal and are not a scam so that you don't get fooled by the scammers Just click on the link and you will be redirected to the best freebie website out there.


Great so now all you have to do is to sign up to the website using your real info in order to get your free gift shipped to your location or else it would be sent to some random old lady . Now after signing in just confirm your account by verifying it from you e-mail . Now the real work begins , as you can see write next to your chosen gift you will see the amount of referrals you need in order to get your free iphone 4 ( or any other free gift that you have chosen ) . So what they mean by this is that you have to refer a certain amount of people to their website using your own referral link in order to get credited . But before referring you need to complete a offer from the 'offers' tab . Just chose a free offer . I recommend using the intuit offer ( or homestead )which requires you to sign up to their website and make a website , though the website asks you for the credit card details but they wont charge you unless you cancel your account after 14 days (ill discuss what to do for people who don't have a credit card but desperately want to get free iphone 4  , in the end of the blog ) . Now all you have to do is to wait for your referrals to do the same and when they complete an offer you are credited . Just check the number of referrals you need to get your free iphone 4 and when you get credited for the referrals just order your iphone 4 and Enjoy . Though I believe that this is a little bit hard and takes some time but check out the results you get a $1000 worth product for Free!

If you are still not convinced Check this video out . It is shown in BBC that freebies are not a scam

The people who do not have a credit card can watch this video and follow the easy steps.

* Click on the intuit offer

* Click Try it for free

* Fill in the first page and give the correct info

* As soon as you get to the second page close the window

* Now within a week you should receive an e-mail from intuit in which it says try the offer without
   credit card.

* Don't click on it straight away .

* Open up kudosnetwork and open up the intuit offer

* Once again click on Try it for free

* Fill the first page

* Now that you are on the second page click on that link which you got in the mail (make sure
   that kudosnetwork , intuit page and your e-mail , all three are kept open)

* after you have clicked on the link the second step will automatically skipped and you will be
   redirected to the third step.

*Congratulations ! you have just created your intuit account for free . Now just make a website and
  publish it , and your offer should be credited within a week .